Paying the Rent Pt. 03

It's a while later and Kristen is getting dressed. I start to stir. Kristen walks over to me with her dress not pulled down all the way and bends of me in bed.

"Ssshhhh" she says as she first puts her fingers to my lips to silence me and then kisses me. First it's a gentle kiss and she pulls back. Looks at me with a smirk and Really kisses me. She breaks the kiss and looks me in the eye. "I really had fun. I so needed this. Maybe we can do it again real soon?"

"Absolutely." I answer

"Next time no anal. I want my pussy to get relentlessly fucked." She says with a smile.

Chris is standing in the doorway now watching and clears her throat. This surprises Kristen and she turns to look at Chris and her braless boob pops out of her dress. I reach my head forward and suck her nipple into my mouth which makes Kristen gasp. She tries to pull away but I have her nipple between my teeth. She holds my head to her for a moment and moans. "I need some sleep. If you are good and let go of my nipple we can all do this again real soon."

Reluctantly I open my mouth and release her nipple. Kristen tucks herself back in her dress and walks out with Chris. I roll over and go to sleep.

I wake up kind of early the next morning and decide another walk to the coffee shop is due. I walk around the corner and see Kristen's car. She didn't go home! She lied! I take a picture of her car for evidence.

I am walking back drinking my coffee trying to decide how I want to handle this. I get to the building and decide to see if I can catch them in the act. I start recording video on my phone and reach up to her bedroom window. Lucky for me there was a little glimpse under the blinds the video caught a quick glance of them 69ing. I want to see more. I walk into the building and put down my coffee and muffins at the base of the stairs leading to my unit. I then go back to Chris's apartment and turn the knob. It's open! I quietly walk in and turn on the video and peak just the lens around the door frame. There they are still 69ing. Moaning and slurping each other. It's just seconds and Chris moans "OH FUCK" shudders and slumps against Kristen's thigh. It takes her a minute, but Chris crawls up the bed and snuggles into Kristen sighing.

Kristen brushes her hair aside. "I am glad I made you cum. Last night you made me cum so hard I don't think I fell asleep so much as I passed out. I never would have imagined rubbing my pussy against another woman's pussy would make me reach orgasm so fast and hard. I need a shower though. I feel like a mess. I have a combo or my juices, your juices and Jeff's dried cum on me."

Chris points across the room to the bedroom bath. "I will wash your back." They giggle and walk into the bathroom.

I sneak out of the apartment and very very gently close the door. I grab my muffin and head upstairs. Sit in my recliner enjoying my coffee and muffin while I watch the video I just took twice. I get an evil thought and I text Chris and Kristen in a group together. Let's see if I can trip them up.

Me - GM ladies. Did you both sleep nicely in your own beds after leaving me last night?

It takes a few minutes....

Chris - I just got out of the shower I know I slept well. Hopefully Kristen did too

Me - Good to hear. How about you Kristen. Hello. You are a teacher and you must get up early automatically.

Kristen - Sorry I was showering. I was too tired to shower last night after I got home. Now I am going to have to wash my sheets.

Me - let's make this a FaceTime. I want to see you two wet and in a towel

No one answers. I do it again. Now Chris answers. "Really you want to see us wet in our towels."

I drop my tone. "For the attitude I now want to see you naked. Drop the towel!"

I hear her sigh and she drops her towel. "Are you happy now?"

"I will be happier when a naked Kristen joins you."

"Maybe she can't. Maybe she is busy."

I flip the photo of her car to my tv and stand in front of it

"Umm what's that?" Chris asks

"That's Kristen's car in the lot around the corner about 30 minutes ago when I walked to get my coffee." I tell her.

"Oh that must be a different car. She went home."

"Don't you dare try to lie to me." I pop the video of them 69ing on the TV. "Kristen step into view NOW!"

Kristen steps into view with the face of a kid caught with her hand in the cookie jar. I bark at her. "Drop the towel." She doesn't even flinch. She drops the towel.

Chris gasps "How did you get that?"

"You two must have been too busy last night to lock the door. I knocked when I came back and saw the car, but no one answered. I walked in and called out, but again no one answered. Now I see why you were very distracted."

They are both staring past me at the video. "You two like watching porn don't you?" Chris drops her head, and Kristen just gives a small nod. "Well now you both need to be punished for lying to me. Come up here right now in the towels Only."

Their faces go blank. "Right Now!" I click off the FaceTime and grab the mask and blindfold. I put them on the coffee table and I go step out into my hallway. It takes a minute or so but here they come. Once they are on the landing I reach out and yank the towels away. They are naked underneath. "Get in my apartment Now."

They scurry in. I point at the coffee table. "Pick a mask and put it on." Chris picks up the blindfold, but Kristen is staring at the mask. I walk over and tilt her chin up to me. "You lied to me last night saying you had to go, you needed sleep. When you actually fucked Chris until as you put it she made you pass out. You then lied about being home this AM and having to change your sheets. If you ever want me to Fuck You Again Put On the Mask Now."

She looks at Chris and Chris is adjusting hers. Kristen picks up the mask and pulls it over her head and adjusts it. "Hands at your sides, and no talking." I grab an empty box, put it on the coffee table and prop my phone up on it against two candles and hit record. I pull the coffee table away from the couch and they flinch at the noise.

"Turn around ladies, bend over and put your hands flat on the couch. I am going to give you both a choice for your punishment. Five minutes as ass fucking or 10 spankings. Who wants which?" I ask.

Chris whines. "No please."

Kristen speaks up. "It's my fault. We walked downstairs and kissed goodbye at her door and I couldn't walk away. I kissed her hard and pushed her back into her apartment. I pushed her against the wall feeling her up. I instigated it and asked her not to tell you I was here this morning. I will take both punishments."

"So you will take 10 spankings followed by 5 min of ass fucking? This will be a punishment. There will be no pausing. I will fuck your ass as I see fit for 5 minutes."

Chris whines. "No you won't. I will take mine."

Kristen turns her head towards Chris and in the softest voice. "Honey I will take both. I can't let you be punished for my actions. If I hadn't kissed you and pushed us into your apartment last night we wouldn't be here."

I decide for them. "I agree." I make noise with my belt as I drop my pants. I pull my belt out and loudly snap the leather together SNAP. They both jump. I look at both of them kneeling there doggy style. "I think you are both getting wet. Are you two excited?" I get no answer. I walk up behind them and rub both hands between their butt cheeks and reach down to their pussy. "Chris you are wet." As I push 2 fingers into her. "Kristen you are swamped." And 2 fingers slip right in. "You two are such submissive sluts. I am going to enjoy playing with you two." I give each of them a slap on the ass. "Kristen are you ready for your fucking?"

"Can I have some lube please?" Kristen asked in a nervous voice.

"Sure whatever lube your pussy lips leave on me." I start dragging my dick up and down her lips. Man she is soaked. "Kristen your pussy is Soaked."

"I know. I am sorry but my ass isn't. Please lube my ass? Please?" She begs.

"No" I grab her by the hips and start fucking her pussy hard. She screams in surprise and starts grunting loud with every hard stroke.

Chris gasps and starts muttering. "I am sorry Kristen. I am sorry."

I smack Chris's ass. "Stop whining you can have some too." I pull out of Kristen and push hard in to Chris.

She screams out in surprise. I am not sure if it's in surprise of not getting her ass fucked or the hard fast intrusion. "That's not my ass."

"No and it wasn't Kristen's either." I smack Kristen's ass. "Tell Chris where I fucked you."

"My pussy. God you were so hard." She moans

"Oh was that hard?" I take 3 fingers and finger fuck as best I can while still fucking Chris. "How's this?"

"Oh shit. Please no it's too many fingers."

"Are you going to complain about my fucking ever again?"

"No sir." In a meek voice

"So would 2 fingers be better." I ask Kristen

"Yes sir. Please."

I pull out my fingers and as Chris is gasping and moaning with the hate fuck she is getting I get an evil thought.

"Ok 2 fingers it is." I put my 2 fingers wet with pussy juice and push them in her puckered asshole.

"Ow ow ow. Please, I am begging. Please use lube."

I start spreading my fingers apart inside her ass. "Oh Fuck. Oh God. I am sorry I lied." She cries

I pull out of Chris with a smack on her ass that she yelps with and move over to Kristen. I pull my fingers out of her ass, grab her hips and slam into her pussy. I continue the relentless hard fucking. She is so tight it almost feels like someone is giving you a handjob, while squeezing too hard. The only saving grace for me is it's her pussy. It's soft, wet and warm. It's tight but god it feels good.

Kristen is gasping and grunting in obvious discomfort. "Please ease up a little. You know it's been a long time for me before last night."

"Aw is it uncomfortable for you? Did I not tell you I would spank and fuck your ass as I see fit?"


"Well this fucking is for my pleasure and next time I tell you to come to my apartment I will be ready to properly punish you as I promised. Do either of you have a problem with that?"

Kristen is first to answer. "No sir."

Chris is silent, until I smack her ass. "No sir."

I give Kristen's ass a hard smack and pull out. Again I move to Chris grab her hips and slam into her. Chris gasps loudly and is grunting with each stroke. Neither of them was really ready for this hard fucking. If I was nice I would have given them foreplay. I would have started slow and gentle, but this is punishment for lying. I keep up the hard fucking.

I am getting close, and I have one last humiliation for them. I pull out of Chris and bark at them. "One you knees, side by side." They are both on the floor on their knees. "Take off your masks, and put your faces together. I want you two cheek to cheek." They pull off the mask and blindfold. They know what's coming and they keep their eyes closed. I keep stroking myself, I grunt and cum. After a good nights sleep I give them 3 good ropes of cum splattered across their faces and I wipe the final oozing across a clean spot on Chris's cheek.

Kristen goes to reach her hand up to her face. "Don't you dare wipe that cum off your face. Now both of you get up." They open their eyes and stand. They look at each other and then at me. I keep up the barking tone. "Put on your towels and go back to Chris's apartment with my cum on your face. When I next invite you up I will be ready to administer your punishment, and Kristen as you said to me last night. I will be prepared to fuck both of you relentlessly."

They both stand there just staring. "Go." I bark again. They both go to pick up their towels, and wrap themselves as best they can. Chris opens the door and listens for any sound in the hallway. "Leave now." I start walking to them. "If I get within arms reach I am taking the towels and you can walk back naked."

Kristen pushes Chris out the door and they go. It's about 5 minutes later and I have a thought. I want to give them an assignment and clarify something to them. I FaceTime Chris. She is still in her towel but her face is washed. "Where is Kristen?"

"In the bathroom washing her face."

"When she is done I want you both naked and on the bed. FaceTime me back when you are ready." And I end the call.

I am relaxing in my recliner when they call back. They are side by side on the bed. I see bare shoulders but that's it. "Let me see that you are both naked." The phone pans down and yes they are both naked, and it pans back up to their faces.

"I want to lay down some rules for my two submissive sluts. I think after this morning you know not to lie to me correct?" They nod their heads. "Your mouth is there for more then just blowing me. Use your words." I get two 'Yes'

"I don't care that you to have sex without me. It did miff me that you left early last night and then fucked each other. What pissed me off was lying to me. So to avoid lying I am telling you both at least once a week to have sex with each other." They both look at each other and smile.

I continue on. "I will be ordering you both the same dildos and vibrators to use on each other vigorously. We need to get those pussys used to fucking again. I will expect a short 30 second video of each of you fucking the other." They have horrified looks on their faces. "This is nonnegotiable. No faces. Just dildo or vibrator being held in one ladies hand while fucking the others pussy. Any questions?"

Kristen asks. "To be clear can we get together more then once a week?"

"Do as I tell you when I tell you and you are free to do whatever, whoever, whenever you want." They smile at each other. "But that freedom comes at a price." They turn back to the phone with a concerned look. "I will give you tasks from time to time that will require photo or video proof. You will carry out these tasks or be punished."

Kristen is first to beg. "I can't have my face showing. You know I will lose my job."

I reply with a tone in my voice. "Did I say your face?"


"I understand your concerns. Any other questions?" The two of them say no. "Good Chris do you have a dildo or vibrator?"

Chris smirks. "A vibrator."

"I expect the first two videos within the hour. Let me see it." I tell her.

Chris hands the phone to Kristen and gets off the bed. She returns to the phone and holds up a thinner smooth vibrator.

"That's good for anal. It's too small."

"I like it." Chris answers

"Well I want you ladies stretched a little and used to fucking again. This morning was me taking out my anger on you for lying. I was rough but you both deserved it for lying. Normally I want you both to know you get fucked. Do you understand the difference?" I ask.

Chris gives me a shy smile. "Yes."

Kristen looks down. "Yes I am sorry again. I will accept the punishment. It was my fault."

"That is good of you to admit and accept." I tell her.

"Speaking of your punishment, since a nice ass fucking is in your future, today you both will take the dildo in both holes. So today and next week I will expect 4 videos total." I can see it in their faces they aren't thrilled with that. "I will be sure to include some appropriate anal toys with what I send you. I will be tracking the packages. The day you get it I want a picture of the toys on your naked body. Crop out your head if you get your face. I must see tits, toys & pussy. Do you both understand?"

Both of them say "Yes"

Remember vigorous fucking, wet pussy, and I know you two. Wet spot on the sheets. No staging this. I want to see you Fucking each other. Get to it. You have one hour, and I end the call.

I go online and order the "Best Sellers" of a thinner dildo meant for anal, a vibrator that is about my size and a bottle of lube. I order the same stuff twice for each of them. I then start looking at bondage stuff. I get another blindfold to match what I have. Pre-made straps to tie someone to the bed spread eagle, spreader bars, I get 2 bars picturing them side by side in the bars. Then another link to nipple clamps with a third clamp for the clit. Oh I am sure they will love that, 2 of those. When I see the total in the cart I stop, after adding more lube. With the 3 orders I am at about $250.

I am just heading for the shower when I hear the text ding on my phone. Hopefully it's one of the videos. I will check it in a bit.

First up is Kristen getting the vibe in her pussy. She is wet and moaning and groaning. She is liking it. She is well on the way to orgasm when I hear Chris say "Oh 40 seconds." and the recording stops.

Next up is Kristen's ass. She is liking the vibes but starts grunting as she tells Chris to fuck her ass harder for the video. Again I hear Chris's voice this time counting down. "5..4..3..2..1" and the video stops.

As I am watching Kristen's video another comes in. This is Chris getting fucked. This is her vibe and she is used to it. Kristen is giving it to her good. She has no concept of time as she records and it goes for a minute ending with Chris cumming.

By the time I am dressed the final video arrives. Chris is taking it in the ass. She I rubbing her clit while Kristen just pushes in and out. Chris is letting out little Ah Ah Ahs as it pushes in and out. Chris then starts some loud grunting and cursing as the fucking gets more vigorous. The Kristen can be heard "Time" and the video end after 45 seconds.

I don't believe these two are so easily controlled. This is going to be fun.


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